When Are You Better Off Outsourcing Your Skills Testing?

by Chris Parker on 10 February 2021

We recently came across a real-life situation where a client went to extreme lengths to test candidates for basic maths capability.

The financial service's client had over 100 applicants for a role within the organisation.

They wanted to shortlist candidates initially by getting them to answer 100 questions over a short time frame.

The questions were simple enough for most to do, so that aim was to see how fast they could work under pressure.

A team member set about creating 80 questions and putting them into a spreadsheet format. This took them the best part of 8 hours to do.

This then had to be verified and tested internally amongst staff to enable them to iron out glitches. This took a further 4 working hours.

They then had to send the test out to 100 applicants - another hour.

Bit by bit the responses came back. Each response had to be viewed and checked by the HR team - each form took 15 minutes to check - an additional 25 hours of work.

From the results, they had to create a shortlist and then take the recruitment process to the next stage.

When we discussed this with them we could demonstrate that by outsourcing this to eSkill they could reduce the time to execute this by over 90%.

So instead of 37 hours, it took them just under 4 hours.

With a typical hourly rate of £30 per hour - this equates to £1100. The cost of outsourcing this for a one-off job would be £380.

So there is a clear advantage in terms of time, cost and accuracy (some of the test question answers that they put together were wrong).

Benefit one - eSkill does all of the question set up for you allowing you to continue with other business activities.

Benefit two- the quality of the questions will be of the highest standard - no need to worry about accuracy.

Benefit three - significantly lower cost than doing it yourself and a better result.

If you would like to learn more about occasional shortlist testing services please get in touch.

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