The Importance Of A Human Customer Service Experience

by Chris Parker on 18 February 2021

As business technologies continue to become better and more widely used there are still situations where all you want to speak to is a human.

Understanding how business skills testing software works can be explained through a knowledgebase search, pdf downloads or video. However, our experience is that this can be frustrating for customers. It is often time-consuming, clunky and ultimately provides an unsatisfactory outcome for your customer.

That is why we a keen to emphasise that when you work with eSkill you will always be given human support. We cover more questions and understand the nuance of your requirements and, as a result, are able to provide qualitative feedback.

No reliance on bots, chat boxes or knowledgebase search functionality. Simply human interaction. Over half of over 25-year-olds (source CGS) are concerned that the move to "all chat box customer service" is too fast. When a human option is not available, it has a very high, negative impact on the brand.

So in summary, humans are not going anywhere when it comes to eSkill customer service. You can speak to one today if you want to, by calling 0845 8400123.

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