Spelling, Date and Currency: Three more reasons to choose the eSkill Talent Assessment Platform

by Chris Parker on 22 September 2021

George Bernard Shaw famously said that "England and America are two countries separated by the same language".

This observation also appears to be the case for some skills testing providers which is why eSKill recently acquired a new client who wanted to be able to test with "correct" English spelling and currencies. As their current provider was unable to do that, eSkill came to the rescue!

It is not the first time that this has happened, so let us recap what our tests offer.

  • As standard eSkill offers UK versions of all of the most requested topics with the UK date format, correct spelling and currency.
  • Over 600 UK tests
  • Thousands of subject combinations
  • Plus the option to create your own questions for even more flexibility
  • Solutions for every size of client and every budget.
  • Leaving an existing provider can be a difficult choice but if having the best tests is important, book a demo and find out what eSkill can offer

If you would like a demo or have a chat, then please contact us here .

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