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Skills Audit

An eSkill test centre is an ideal tool if you are seeking to benchmark the skills levels of the whole organisation in order to establish training needs and also to introduce a consistent testing structure for incoming personnel.

Our experience suggests that you take advantage of the flexibility of eSkill to create a variety of tests, each of which can be designed to match a role, the different types of software and the level of skill in each.

Because you will want to focus your training spend accurately you may also like to consider selecting questions that are relevant as possible.

MS Office 2010 (Subject)

Excel (Topic)

Formulas (Sub-Topic)

Beginner / Intermediate /Advanced / Expert (Skill level)

There are no restrictions as to the type or number questions which can be combined to form a test, no limit to the number of candidates that can take a test. 

Optionally each test can have its own time limit the 3 options are no time limit, a limit for the test overall or you can set a time limit for every question (this is a single parameter that applies to every question excluding typing or data entry questions).

In our experience you might consider taking a 3 stage approach: 

The first test should be a “light test” of easy and varied questions.

This is intended to be an un-threatening introduction to online tests especially if many of your staff are not used to this concept.

The second test should be a multiple topic test.

This would reflect their overall abilities across most of the software used by an individual / department.

A third test should be a maximum of 2 topics.

This is aimed at establishing knowledge at a deep level for specific products.

The test centre has a wide variety of reporting options available enabling administrators to easily construct a detailed analysis of each persons abilities and training requirement. 

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