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1 - 100 of 125 Tests

Word Plus

Word (Simulation), Verbal Reasoning, English Proofreading (UK), English Spelling and Vocabulary (UK)

Data Plus

Checking Accuracy and Performing Corrections, Correlating Numeric with Alphanumeric Data, Referencing Numeric Information, Analysis and Pivot Tables

Retail Maths (UK)

Profit Calculations, Returns, Retail Math Terminology, Inventory Control, Markup, Giving Change, Sales, Markdown, Discounts

Basic Maths (UK)

Multiplication and Division, Numbers, Addition and Subtraction, Converting Fractions to Decimals, Percentages and Proportions, Problems, Order of operations, Decimals, Equations, Fractions

MS Visio® 2019 (UK)

Fundamental Concepts and Installation Working with Visio Shapes, Visio Stencils, Saving, Publishing, and Exporting Diagrams, Creating, Editing, and Formatting Diagrams, Connected Diagrams and Smart Shapes

MS Project® 2019

Costs and Earned Value, Resources and Levelling, Scheduling and Tracking, Tasks, Calendar, and Dependencies, Reporting and Printing, Costs and Earned Value Management, Workspace, Ribbon, and Toolbars, Gantt Charts, Views, and Tables

MS Office 365® (UK)

Office 365 PowerPoint Online, Office 365 Excel Online, Office 365 Outlook on the Web, Office 365 Word Online, General Configuration and Customisation

MS Office 2016 - Word® (UK)

Realistic Simulations, Mail Merge, Formatting Documents, Using Find and Replace, Graphics and Tables, New Features, References, Reviewing a Document, Creating and Saving Documents, Headers and Footers, Using Lists

MS Office 2016 - PowerPoint® (UK)

Slide and Master Slide Design, New Features, Transitions and Animations, Working with Shapes, Managing Objects on Slides, Working with SmartArt, Saving and Printing Presentations, PowerPoint Views

MS Office 2016 - Excel® (UK)

Realistic Simulations, Creating, Saving, and Managing Workbooks, Formatting, Functions, Macros, Application, Reports, Functions and Formulas, Protection, New Features in Excel 2016, Printing, Working with Data, Analyse Data, Creating and Editing Charts, Formulas, Pivot-Tables

MS Office 2019 - Word® (UK)

Realistic Simulations, Managing and Setting Up Documents, Working with References, Templates, Inserting Objects, Document Formatting, New Features in Word 2019, Proofreading Features, Setting Up Documents for Printing, Reports

MS Office 2019 - PowerPoint® (UK)

Realistic Simulations, Transitions and Animations, Managing Objects on Slides, New Features in PowerPoint 2019, Working with SmartArt, Saving and Printing Presentations, PowerPoint Views, Working with Shapes, Slides and Master Slide Design

MS Office 2019 - Excel® (UK)

Realistic Simulations, Saving File Options, Managing and Editing Worksheets, Common Functions, Custom Formulas, New Features in Excel 2019, Data Analysis and Pivot Tables, Formulas and Functions, Security, Formatting a Worksheet, Printing and Saving, Charts and Graphs

Copy Writing Skills

Professional Press Releases, Adherence to Copyright Laws, Optimized E-commerce Copy, Effective Website Copy, Email Marketing, Effective Social Media Copy, Landing Pages for High CTRs, Effective Blog Copy, for SEO, for Different Formats

Spanish Language (ES)

Puntuación y Contracciones, Uso de verbos, El Pronombre, El Numeral, El Artículo, Por/Para, El Modo Subjuntivo, El Modo Imperativo, Preposiciones y verbos con preposición, Expresiones idiomáticas......

English Proofreading (UK)

Verb Tense and Usage, Conditional Sentences, Punctuation, Formal and Informal English, Using Prepositions, Sentence Types, Common Expressions, Comparatives and Superlatives, Idioms, Possessive Pronouns, Pronunciation, Phrases, Homonyms, Homophones, and Synonyms, Adjectives and Adverbs, Forming and Asking Questions, Greetings and Salutations

English Language (UK)

Punctuation, Pronouns, Reading Comprehension, Errors, Common Mistakes, Nouns, Adverbs, Vocabulary, Adjectives, Prepositions, Idiomatic Phrases, Numbers, Sentences, Verbs, Spelling, Articles

Data Plus

Finding Numeric Data Errors, Finding Mistakes, Manipulating Data, Correlating Numeric Data with Alphanumeric Data, Finding Relevant Information, Data Analysis and PivotTables, Common Functions, Referencing Numeric Information, Checking Accuracy and Performing Correction

Verbal Reasoning (UK)

Solving Problems, Deducing Written Information, Interpreting Information, Thinking Logically, Understanding Key Concepts, Drawing Conclusions

Team Management (UK)

Delegating Tasks and Coordinating People, Establishing Rapport, Effective Communication, Decision-Making Situations, Handling Issues

Technical Writing Skills

The Style of Technical Documents, Visual Elements, Steps in Creating Technical Documents, Structure of Technical Documents, Reviewing Work, Basics of Technical Documents, Types of Technical Documents

Office Filing (UK)

Subject Filing, Numeric Filing, Basic Records Management Concepts, Alphabetic Indexing Procedures, Alphabetic Filing, Geographic Filing, Cross-Referencing

Management Skills (UK)

Planning, Motivation, Problem Solving and Decision Making, Analytical Skills, Risk Management, Quality Management, Time Management, Communication, Delegating, Employee Performance

Email Etiquette (UK)

E-mail Security, Content and Formatting, Salutations and Sign Offs, E-mail in the Office When to Avoid E-mail, E-mail Tone and Etiquette, E-mail Functions, Terms, and Tactics Forwarding E-mail, How to Address E-mails

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