How to Hire Better Remote Leaders with Skills Tests

by Chris Parker on 14 April 2021

Some business leaders have adapted to managing remote work teams better than others. When hiring, training, retaining, and inspiring employees working remotely, it takes a different mindset and skill set.

Here is one example that has played out all over the world in the past year. When managers are unable to see their direct reports, they often lose trust that employees are working efficiently. This lack of trust can lead to adding unrealistic expectations as well as added stress for both managers and workers. This is just one of the examples cited in a recent survey of managers, supervisors, and business leaders. Of those surveyed, 40% said they had low self-confidence in their ability to manage remote teams.

Finding high-caliber leaders that can successfully manage remote teams is essential to maximizing performance. Skills tests can help uncover their leadership skills and potential.

What Makes a Better Remote Leader?

Research done by McKinsey has identified the four consistent traits that effective leaders display:

  1. Supportiveness
  2. A strong results-focused orientation
  3. Openness to different perspectives
  4. Effective problem-solving

We will add one more skill that is essential in any workplace, but even more important for leadership with remote teams.

  1. Effective Communication


Supportive leaders understand how others feel. Leaders take the time to build relationships with team members. Being authentic and demonstrating a sincere interest in employee’s lives and career goals, they build trust and inspire teams.

Strong Results-Oriented Focus

Strong leaders set a vision and tone for their team and can help employees understand the logic behind what they are asked to do. They set clear objectives and focus on results, not activity.

Openness to Different Perspectives

In the office setting, the “open door policy” for many managers was more of a saying than an actual invitation. Great leaders take the time to seek out, listen, and learn from those around them. In a remote environment, being open to different perspectives is more important than ever to avoid being limited to the leader’s viewpoint.

Effective Problem-Solving

Business leaders are constantly gathering, analyzing, and making decisions to meet goals and keep the business focused on the future. During the past year, as organizations transitioned to remote operations, few were prepared for the critical decisions that had to be made each day.

Effective Communication

With remote work teams, it is easy for employees to feel disconnected or isolated. There are fewer social interactions with other employees or drop-by meetings with leadership. Leaders need to communicate effectively and often to keep remote employees engaged. Without strong communication skills, remote teams can quickly become dysfunctional.

How to Hire Better Remote Leaders

You will notice that the traits that define leadership are more about soft skills than hard skills. Employees often ascend to leadership positions based on mastering task-related duties. Yet, as managers, it is more about the soft skills to effectively manage teams.

In the hiring process, these are the skills that are most difficult to uncover. Using skills tests can help evaluate candidates’ soft skills and leadership skills.

Skills testing helps you make fewer mistakes in hiring. Skills assessment testing can give you confidence that anyone you hire will have the skills they need to lead your organization.

Skills Assessment Test

When it comes to skills testing for the soft skills today’s remote work environment demands of its leaders, eSkill has a variety of skills assessment test tools that can help. For example, a Behavioral Skills Assessment Test provides insight into a candidate’s personality, how they work and think, how they communicate, and what motivates them. A Behavioral Skills Test can help you make sure someone fits your culture and demonstrates the soft skills needed for success.

eSkill offer prebuilt Skills Assessment Tests that can easily be customized for your organization. Here are some of the skills tests you can use to assess soft skills and leadership traits:

Available Skills Tests

Leadership skills assessments tests from eSkill include:

  • Communication
  • Decision-Making
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Teamwork

Management skills testing includes:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Delegation
  • Motivation
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving

Change management, a critical skill set in managing the evolving and rapidly changing work environment includes:

  • Leading Change
  • Process Management
  • Embedding Change

Business communication skills test assess the fundamental skills business leaders need, including:

  • Communications
  • Listening Skills
  • Business Meetings
  • Writing Skills

There are just of few of the more than 800 Skills Tests in the eSkill library for you to choose for just about every subject and job skill. Many of the tests are modular, which means you can combine them to help you test for exactly the skills and traits you need.

Using Skills Tests can help you more accurately assess the strengths and weaknesses of candidates being considered for a leadership role. It can demonstrate their proficiency in each of the critical areas and help you identify any gaps in knowledge where additional training might be needed.

Request a demo to see how skills assessment tests can help you recruit employees with the leadership experience that you need.

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