How A Recruitment Agency Reduced the Time Required to Assess Candidates By 75% and Time-to-Hire By 50% Using eSkill’s Pre-Employment Tests

by Chris Parker on 26 January 2021

BELAY is a USA based leading virtual staffing solutions company that was founded in 2010. It is 100% virtual and has won several awards for its innovative culture and employee satisfaction.

The agency specialises in supplying clients with virtual assistants who handle tasks such as travel arrangements, calendar management, and project research and bookkeepers with expertise in accounts payable and receivable, reporting and payroll.

The Solution
After evaluating several job assessment products, the team decided that eSkill was the best solution for their needs because it offered unlimited testing and included access to over 800 subject- and job-based assessments in its Test Library.

The Results
Before implementing eSkill, the agency required candidates to complete four pre employment tests over four days to complete its assessment process. After implementing eSkill, candidates were able to complete the entire process in 24 hours—a 75% decrease.

Also, it took them an average of three or four weeks to fill a position. After deploying
eSkill, they found they were able to fill jobs in around one or two weeks—a 50% decrease in time-to-hire.

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