Happy With Your Current Skills Testing Supplier But Sometimes Wonder If There's A Better Option Out There For You?

by Chris Parker on 15 December 2020
Good, better, best skills assessment option

The short answer is that there probably is a better alternative!

  • Have they kept pace with software changes?
  • Are they offering MS Office 2016 or still stuck at 2010?
  • Do they keep upping their prices because they think that you won’t notice?
  • Are they charging for training and support?
  • Do they limit the subjects that are in your subscription?
  • Are the number of tests and candidates limited?
  • Can you link the test to your corporate Facebook, Instagram or Linked in accounts?

We all know that software changes over time. In the area of skills testing, this is certainly true. New features are being added or refined as vendors attempt to keep ahead of the competition.

As users of the software, it is very difficult to keep track of the changes from your current provider, let alone what alternative providers offer.

We all review staff performance on a regular basis. This should also apply to "service providers", including your skills testing software.

But, when we speak to clients about this they are sometimes reluctant to go through a review. They are not sure what eSkill offers and whether it will be any better than what they are currently using.

These are understandable concerns. This is why we recommend trialling our eSkill software alongside your current provider.

We are very confident that Eskill compares positively with other providers. So confident, that we are offering a free no obligation trial.

To take this free trial please email [email protected] or call me, Warren, on 0845 8400123.
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