Excel Plus - see what you can achieve with an eSkill test

We believe that this is the very best Excel Assessment available anywhere at any price!

 If you need to be certain, our brilliant Excel Skills Plus Test is the most powerful way to ensure they have the capabilities they claim.  It will prove not just that they can use Excel effectively but also that they can accurately interpret data and make effective use of that data.

40 Questions  40 Minutes

Excel Simulation (2013,16 or 19*)

Data Checking

Numerical Proofreading

Numerical Reasoning 

Choose from 3 Skill Levels 




Excel Plus is available on every eSkill solution whatever your need or budget we have the tests and packages to suit your budget.

Try a taster ( company email account required, not available for gmail, Hotmail etc.)

*Excel 2019 available March 2019 

The question combination that suits your own requirements.

Using eSkill as your testing partner gives you an easy way to pick exactly the combination of questions that you need for every role. 

Your organisation is unique so don't compromise choose the solution that gives you flexibility, ease of use and great value.

Although we believe that our standard library is very comprehensive we even offer you different ways to create your own questions to bring even more focus to your testing.

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