Does Your Pre-Employment Testing Software Have All The Tools That You Need In Today's Recruiting Market

by Chris Parker on 29 August 2020

Pre employment testing tools

More and more companies realise the benefits of using pre-employment screening tests to compare candidates’ critical competencies. However, some pre-employment testing companies do not offer all the tools necessary to create a streamlined approach to finding the best match for the job and the organisation.

Do you want to improve your existing pre-employment testing process, or are you new to pre-employment screening tests and evaluating providers?

Using a pre-employment test that evaluates the unique requirements of a position is more legally defensible than not using a pre-employment test at all. However, giving employers the ability to customise pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the specific requirements of positions within their organisation is where most pre-employment testing companies fall flat.

Some pre-employment testing companies give employers very limited test customisation options, while others do not allow for any degree of customisation. eSkill, on the other hand, gives hiring teams and recruiters the ability to select and tailor pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the specific skills needed for any position.

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