Continuous Personal Development Assessment – in the world of Home Working

by Chris Parker on 30 March 2020

The way we work and the way people work with us is dramatically changed, suddenly what was best practice possibly no longer applies. For regulated businesses amongst these challenges are how to conduct the Annual Appraisals for Personal Development when face to face or a test centre is no longer an option. 

eSkill is a long-established leader in the world of online assessment with class-leading solutions across more than 600 topics. Combine the 59,000 questions in any way that you want, have different tests for every role or seniority. The detailed results are instantly emailed to you, showing overall score, marks achieved for every topic and how each question was answered and even how long they took to answer each one. 

What makes eSkill special is the ability for our clients to self-create their questions taking ANY of their existing resources and within minutes transpose them to a Private Catalogue of their own Industry/Business. 

Bespoke questions can be Multiple Choice, Free Response, True False, Fill in the blank, Typing and include: 





A question can also be assigned a choice of difficulty level. 

Your eSkill test centre can be active within two hours with your dedicated Support Manager ready to help you. eSkill also offers Voice and Video Interviewing and the Collegiate Assessment tool Team Review. 

Assess precisely the way you want: Rapid, Affordable, Comprehensive, Flexible, Dependable, Business Ability Assessments from eSkill 

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