Simple Scoring & Free Response Questions: Advanced Skills Testing Methods

When the pandemic changed life as we know it, HR professionals could no longer rely on business-as-usual approaches to screening candidates. So, talent acquisition professionals are turning to technology to evaluate prospective hires.

Although companies initially pivoted to “virtual” processes and systems to comply with physical distancing requirements, HR leaders have realized how essential tech-driven HR tools are to the hiring process. In fact, in a recent survey, 70% of HR executives reported that using technology more effectively is key to helping them mitigate the impact of the pandemic on their company’s bottom line.

How to Use Free Response Questions for Pre Employment Testing

Free-response questions enable hiring teams to evaluate candidates’ job-relevant skills, aptitude, and behavioral characteristics. When HR professionals use free response questions in the skills testing phase of the hiring process, they can obtain an in-depth understanding of how the candidate will perform on the job.

eSkill’s Free Response feature allows candidates to respond to pre-employment testing questions and complete tasks in many formats, including text, video, and voice response. The Free-Response feature also allows candidates to attach files, such as word documents, images, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, audio files, and PDF files.

Here are some examples of how companies can leverage eSkill’s Free Response feature.

Assess written English language skills: In our increasingly digital world, writing skills are essential to a growing number of positions across industries. Customer-facing positions like Live Chat Operators, Account Executives, and Sales Associates need to communicate via email, live chat, and text message. Administrative, clerical, human resources, healthcare, and hospitality positions all require a certain proficiency level when writing in the English language.

Evaluate the quality of language translations: As digital transformation continues to accelerate and our world continues to become more interconnected, hiring workers capable of speaking in multiple languages is now a business imperative.

Test verbal communication skills: The ability to communicate effectively with customers, colleagues, supervisors, and business partners is an essential skill for positions across industries. It can provide candidates with job-relevant prompts and evaluate their voice or video responses to identify job-seekers with clear and concise communication skills.

Candidate-uploaded documents: The best way to assess many types of skills is to see the product of candidates’ work. For example:

These examples are just a few ways eSkill’s Free Response feature can help recruiters and hiring teams identify top talent with job-relevant skills. Hiring teams can also use this feature to evaluate candidates’ problem-solving skills, situational awareness, and more.

Simple Scoring of Free Response Questions

Scoring the results of free-response questions does not have to be complicated. eSkill’s Simple Scoring feature enables any member of the hiring team with scoring access to rate responses with one to ten stars and add a comment for context. The response and corresponding score are available for the entire hiring team to see on the “Results by Question” page. With responses and scoring easily accessible, the hiring team can streamline scoring practices and reduce the time it takes to review free responses.

Team Scoring example

With the Team Scoring Feature, organizations can:

eSkill’s cloud-based skills testing solutions enable companies to develop and execute a modern and effective hiring approach. And with unlimited training and support from eSkill’s dedicated U.S.-based Customer Success Managers, configuring employment assessments and leveraging the results is easy. With eSkill’s Simple Scoring and Free Response features, HR professionals can make informed hiring decisions more easily.

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Does Your Pre-Employment Testing Software Have All The Tools That You Need In Today's Recruiting Market

Pre employment testing tools

More and more companies realise the benefits of using pre-employment screening tests to compare candidates’ critical competencies. However, some pre-employment testing companies do not offer all the tools necessary to create a streamlined approach to finding the best match for the job and the organisation.

Do you want to improve your existing pre-employment testing process, or are you new to pre-employment screening tests and evaluating providers?

Using a pre-employment test that evaluates the unique requirements of a position is more legally defensible than not using a pre-employment test at all. However, giving employers the ability to customise pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the specific requirements of positions within their organisation is where most pre-employment testing companies fall flat.

Some pre-employment testing companies give employers very limited test customisation options, while others do not allow for any degree of customisation. eSkill, on the other hand, gives hiring teams and recruiters the ability to select and tailor pre-employment screening tests that evaluate the specific skills needed for any position.

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