The ICT manager at an English Police H.Q. urgently needed to use eSkill. He was required to reduce the number of staff in his department. He had identified that a critical element of the process was to accurately identify the skill levels of every member of his team, he was particularly keen to ensure those team members who had a strong knowledge of niche solutions such as NPR software, (Number Plate Recognition). His concern was that using a  last-in / first-out approach. would have a harmful effect in the long term

The ICT manager had established that eSkill had the range of subjects he needed, but that also that it had a structure with the flexibility to configure the tests in precisely the way he required. A key element was also that he would be able to create questions for bespoke Police software. The tests comprised were targeted at the appropriate skill levels needed for the specific roles and questions were a combination of multiple-choice, free-response and true/false, selected from both the eSkill library and bespoke ones created by this client. 

In addition to providing the software, we also provided consultancy advice and resources:

·         Creating the tests required.

·         Developing bespoke tests.

·         Advising on the testing process.

·         Independent test monitoring.

·         Result analysis.

1.       45 Different tests were created 

2.       32 Candidates took tests (Some individuals chose not to take part in the process)  

3.       335 Test scores were recorded

4.       220 Bespoke questions were created

5.       7644 Questions were answered by candidates

The project was delivered on time against a tight schedule (less than 3 weeks from start to finish)

The total expenditure was less than £5,000 including 12 month unlimited use subscription to the test centre.

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