“Can eSkill Integrate With My Applicant Tracker System (ATS)?”

by Chris Parker on 25 March 2021

One question which our medium and larger sized customers are always keen to know the answer to is “Can eSkill integrate with my applicant tracker system (ATS)?”

The simple answer to this is yes.

Why is this important?

  1. It reduces time to hire significantly.
  2. You are given the ability to create a seamless online assessment test so you can evaluate and rank applicants according to skill level.
  3. It provides a comprehensive application programming interface (API) to set up one-way, two-way or on-demand systems.
  4. Simple recruiting flow that enables you to create eSkill assessments and invite candidates to take tests via email.
  5. View and analyse eSkill test results within the interface.
  6. Track test results to rank and qualify candidates within the Applicant Tracker System.
  7. Customisation features to co-brand the look and feel of test screens for candidates and recruiters.

Benefits of Integrating with eSkill

  • View individual candidates’ performance results on recent and historical tests.
  • Access candidate results for all requisitions and by individual requisition.
  • Analyse and customize data to produce specialized reports.
  • Recruiters can send an eSkill test link to specific candidates.
  • Candidate can access skills assessments by clicking on the link or directly from the Career Section page.
  • Testing centre is customised to meet your specific needs and work effortlessly in your online environment.

eSkill integrates with a wide range applicant tracker systems including Oracle Taleo Recruit and more recently we have added Workable to the list.

For more information about integrating eSkill, please contact Warren Bresler, Head of Sales 07779-136268

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