Why would you leave it to chance?

For every position you are recruiting for, you have to be confident that a candidate has the abilities you need. To be sure you should make eSkill a crucial part of your recruitment strategy, with fantastic customer service at our core for every organisation's size and type.

eSkill the most Comprehensive, Rapid, Effective, Flexible, Affordable Business Skills Testing.


To be totally confident that a candidate does have the abilities that you need; an eSkill test is proven to be the most dependable way to ensure that you can reach the right conclusion.

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From groundbreaking Simulations to Voice & Video Interviewing, Classic, or even create your custom questions. eSkill has every option for you to assess candidates in precisely the way you want for every role.


For every size, every organisation and every budget make eSkill UK tests your assessment partner.

Comprehensive, Rapid, Effective, Affordable.


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  • Compile your own test from 65,000 question library
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  • Candidates take the test online
  • Instant comprehensive results
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  • Assess as many candidates as you require
  • Unlimited free training and support
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Integrate with ATS/LMS
  • Candidate credits also available
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  • Hundreds of focused, validated assessments
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Excel Plus - the ultimate Excel test

We believe that this is the very best Excel Assessment available, anywhere, at any price!

If you need to be certain, our brilliant Excel Skills Plus Test is the most powerful way to ensure they have the capabilities they claim. It will prove not just that they can use Excel effectively but also that they can accurately interpret data and make effective use of that data.

40 Questions 40 Minutes

  • Excel Simulation
  • Data Checking
  • Numerical Proofreading
  • Numerical Reasoning

Choose from 3 Skill Levels:

  • Beginner/Intermediate
  • Intermediate/Advanced
  • Advanced/Expert

Excel Plus is available on every eSkill solution whatever your need or budget.

Everything you need to know

Immediately the candidate has completed the test you will receive a comprehensive email that tells you everything you need to know.
Overall result, score by subject, how every question was answered and the time taken to answer each question.

Why would you leave it to chance?

  • MS Office Simulation

    MS Office® Simulation fully immerses test takers and MS Office environment to measure Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, and PowerPoint skills.

    If you use Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365 we have the most realistic simulation tests available.
  • Video

    Combine voice and video interview questions with all the other eSkill tests or use it as a stand-alone product. Candidates can express themselves fully by recording video or audio answers directly to the eSkill platform.
  • Multitasking Simulation

    Set up a series of tasks and set a time limit to assess candidates’ ability to manage emails, reply to chat messages, handle orders, and respond to customer requests.
  • Bespoke Questions

    Why not have your own questions? The eSkill Editor enables you to create private questions that are relevant to your own business or profession. Mix them with any of our standard ones to formulate the most focused testing possible.
  • Audio Comprehension

    90% of our interaction is verbal, does a candidate understand what they are hearing? Include any of our aural questions or replicate your own processes easily and quickly.

How the testing happens

Choose your test

With hundreds of ready to go tests or if you prefer, easily created multiple subject compilations. Select just what you need for every role.

The Candidate

Just send the candidate the link, they take take the test. Immediately they have completed the tests you receive the results email.

The Results

eSkill's informative jargon-free results enable you to make the right choices. Understand immediately the candidates overall score, their result by subject, how they answered each question, and the time they took to answer each question.

We can help

Let our advisors help you improve the way you understand candidates abilities

Call 0845-8400123 or 0208-416-0341

What our clients think about eSkill

“We have found the assessment pulled together by yourself extremely helpful and feel it has made a significant difference to our recruitment in this specific instance. We have now got a fantastic team of staff because of the effectiveness of the test in highlighting individuals who had exactly the skills we need for the job.

Overall a really positive experience and I would recommend you to other businesses who need an assessment creating. Thanks for all your help and support specifically in helping us create the initial test and being so quick to get back to us and offer support. We would use you again in the future.”

Emily Needle
Recruitment Adviser, Royal Mail

"We did demos with maybe 6 other companies and eSkill kept coming to the top, because of the flexibility, the integration into our Taleo application process, and then being able to use it in other areas of the company. Now, after integrating our Taleo system with eSkill, we're able to move into the process immediately and we have scores in hand. It’s a 100% improvement in the time reduction"

Wanda Hatchett
Sales Manager, ORVIS

FoodCycle has been really impressed using eSkills as part of the recruitment process. It has helped us identify people with the right skill set rather than using an interview alone. A recent candidate, whom might not have succeeded by interview alone,  did amazingly well at the eSkills test demonstrating they could prioritise workload whilst paying attention to detail. This candidate has been a really successful hire and we have decided to use eSkills for all roles that we recruit in future as we know we can adapt tests to suit the jobs we are recruiting for.

Mary McGarth M.B.E.
Food Cycle


How to Avoid Costly Mis-Hires with Pre-Employment Testing

by Chris Parker  |  15 June 2021
When your company makes a bad hiring decision, the impacts can ripple out for a long time after the initial hire. For the most part, mis-hires usually result in an immediate lack of productivity, whether the employee lacks critical skills for the job or they do not fit in well with the company’s culture. Whatever […]

How Job Skills Tests Help with Hiring and Training for Transportation and Logistics

by Chris Parker  |  8 June 2021
The world of transportation and logistics is certainly facing a time of intense changes, many of which will continue to alter the ways that the industry functions for years to come. From the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the looming rise of driverless trucks, companies must focus on preparing for the future by […]

Turbocharge Your Employee Development with Skills Tests

by Chris Parker  |  1 June 2021
While finding the right employees is an important part of the success of your company, it is only the first step in establishing a long-lasting, productive relationship with your workforce. Employees brought onboard may have the necessary skills to fill the role for which they were hired, but it is important to build employee development […]

Struggling to Find Candidates? Use Skills Tests to Upskill Existing Employees

by Chris Parker  |  26 May 2021
Finding the right candidate to fill a position is rarely an easy task. No matter how clearly you define the parameters of a job, trying to match the necessary duties and expectations with the right job seeker can seem like an endless task, and there is no guarantee of success. After all of the skills […]

Identify Promotable Employees with Skills Tests

by Chris Parker  |  19 May 2021
Your employees are one of your most valuable resources. Your workforce powers the daily functions of your business. It helps you to continue to expand and develop your strategic plans through the contribution of the insights and talents of your staff. That is why it is important to learn as much as possible about your […]

Buyer’s Guide: How to Select a Skills Testing Provider

by Chris Parker  |  12 May 2021
Most recruiters say their biggest challenge is improving the quality of their hiring. Approximately a quarter of human resources (HR) professionals surveyed also indicated that increasing employee retention and improving their time-to-hire were also key concerns. Pre-hire skills tests tackle each of the concerns by reducing the time-to-hire and cost-to-hire. Skills tests also evaluate a candidate’s competency, […]

Buyers Guide: How to Choose a Video Interview Platform

by Chris Parker  |  5 May 2021
When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, we all had to learn different ways to do business. Many companies told employees to work from home. Interviews were done by video rather than in-person. Many employees started jobs without ever meeting employers face to face. In 2020, a Gartner survey showed that 86% of employers were doing video interviews as […]

Is It A Struggle For Companies To Hire Suitable Remote Workers?

by Chris Parker  |  28 April 2021
If you are struggling to hire remote workers who have the skills they need to do the job, you are not alone. When it comes to hiring employees who will be remote workers, you are looking for a slightly different skill set. While they must be able to do the job, they must also possess the right skills […]

Introducing The New eSkill Testing App...Could Testing Be Any Easier?

by Chris Parker  |  21 April 2021
Shortlisting testing made simple More accurate and faster analysis Out of the box testing (or we can create bespoke ones for you) Hire better candidates that meet your needs Want to learn more? Get in touch today - call 0845 8400123.

How to Hire Better Remote Leaders with Skills Tests

by Chris Parker  |  14 April 2021
Some business leaders have adapted to managing remote work teams better than others. When hiring, training, retaining, and inspiring employees working remotely, it takes a different mindset and skill set. Here is one example that has played out all over the world in the past year. When managers are unable to see their direct reports, […]

Why Data Entry and Excel Skills Tests Are Critical for So Many New Hires

by Chris Parker  |  7 April 2021
Regretfully job seekers often misrepresent, overstate, or just plain lie on their resumes. According to Indeed.com, over 40% of resumes have false information and approximately three out of every four employers have found lies on candidates’ resumes. You simply cannot take a person’s word at face value, even on a document as important and personal […]

“Can eSkill Integrate With My Applicant Tracker System (ATS)?”

by Chris Parker  |  25 March 2021
One question which our medium and larger sized customers are always keen to know the answer to is “Can eSkill integrate with my applicant tracker system (ATS)?” The simple answer to this is yes. Why is this important? It reduces time to hire significantly. You are given the ability to create a seamless online assessment […]

Top Jobs That Benefit From Excel Skills Tests

by Chris Parker  |  24 March 2021
Many of the resumes you receive probably list Microsoft Office as a skill. However, just because candidates list it on their resume does not mean they know how to use it well or that they know how to use all the features and functions. Many people know basic usage of Outlook and Word, but that is […]

The Best Customer Service Simulation Tests for Hiring and Training Call Centre Agents

by Chris Parker  |  19 March 2021
A good call center agent is worth their weight in gold. In most companies, a call center agent’s job involves combining empathy with knowledge to answer questions and help customers resolve problems as quickly as possible. A competent call center agent can help turn a challenge into an opportunity, not just for your company, but […]

How to Test Microsoft Office to Hire and Train Better Employees

by Chris Parker  |  16 March 2021
Most of the resumes that cross your desk probably list knowledge of Microsoft Office applications as a skill. But just because Microsoft Office proficiency is included on a candidate’s resume does not mean they are an expert at using all the applications, or that they know how to use every feature. Many people have a […]

How to Leverage Customer Service Pre-Employment Tests to Hire Better Agents

by Chris Parker  |  10 March 2021
When the unemployment rate is high, posting a new job listing for a customer service representative could result in a deluge of resumes and applications. This means you could need to screen hundreds of applicants to find the ones who are well-qualified and weed out the ones who do not have the required skills and […]

How to Hire and Train for Customer Service Using Skills Tests

by Chris Parker  |  3 March 2021
If the unemployment rate is high, posting a job opening for a customer service agent may very well result in your company being swamped with resumes and applications. Many of the applications are most likely from very competent, accomplished professionals who would be a great fit for the job. However, it can be difficult to […]

The 5 Most In-Demand Technical Job Skills and How to Hire for Them in 2021

by Chris Parker  |  24 February 2021
In what feels like a decade but has only been a year, the pandemic has upended the world of work. Social distancing guidelines and government-imposed lockdowns forced office buildings, factories, brick-and-mortar stores, and more to go dark. This sudden shift to remote work necessitated digitization, accelerating the implementation of new technologies faster than previously thought […]

Interested In Being Part Of Our Partner Referral Programme?

by Chris Parker  |  18 February 2021
eSkill has been helping clients with their candidate selection processes for more than 18 years. Offering the most comprehensive, rapid, effective, flexible, and affordable business skills testing solutions on the market has been the foundation of our success.  If you are a consultant providing HR and recruitment advice, the eSkill test centre is a high-quality service that you can […]

The Importance Of A Human Customer Service Experience

by Chris Parker  |  18 February 2021
As business technologies continue to become better and more widely used there are still situations where all you want to speak to is a human. Understanding how business skills testing software works can be explained through a knowledgebase search, pdf downloads or video. However, our experience is that this can be frustrating for customers. It […]

Has Your Workforce Changed? Use Pre-Employment Tests to Hire in 2021

by Chris Parker  |  17 February 2021
Even before the pandemic’s onset, new technologies and ways of working were disrupting jobs and the skills needed to do them. The half-life of job skills, or the amount of time before a job skill is about half as valuable as it was initially, was getting exponentially shorter. In 2017, the World Economic Forum estimated […]

Hiring Strategies for Remote Workers: Pre-Employment Testing Tools for 2021

by Chris Parker  |  12 February 2021
Before the onset of the pandemic, no one could have predicted the way we work would change almost overnight. Despite initial anxiety that the pressure of such sudden and profound change would be too great, business leaders have found that the new way of working could be the answer to sustained success. While many companies […]

When Are You Better Off Outsourcing Your Skills Testing?

by Chris Parker  |  10 February 2021
We recently came across a real-life situation where a client went to extreme lengths to test candidates for basic maths capability. The financial service's client had over 100 applicants for a role within the organisation. They wanted to shortlist candidates initially by getting them to answer 100 questions over a short time frame. The questions […]

The Three Core Components of Successful Candidate Interviews

by Chris Parker  |  3 February 2021
For many hiring managers, selecting great candidates can feel like gambling against long odds when they hire candidates based solely on their intuition, a good skills test score, or because the candidate shares a trait with a previous successful hire. Exclusively relying on these decision drivers often causes hiring managers to look back and wonder […]

How A Recruitment Agency Reduced the Time Required to Assess Candidates By 75% and Time-to-Hire By 50% Using eSkill’s Pre-Employment Tests

by Chris Parker  |  26 January 2021
BELAY is a USA based leading virtual staffing solutions company that was founded in 2010. It is 100% virtual and has won several awards for its innovative culture and employee satisfaction. The agency specialises in supplying clients with virtual assistants who handle tasks such as travel arrangements, calendar management, and project research and bookkeepers with […]

Simple Scoring & Free Response Questions: Advanced Skills Testing Methods

by Chris Parker  |  20 January 2021
When the pandemic changed life as we know it, HR professionals could no longer rely on business-as-usual approaches to screening candidates. So, talent acquisition professionals are turning to technology to evaluate prospective hires. Although companies initially pivoted to “virtual” processes and systems to comply with physical distancing requirements, HR leaders have realized how essential tech-driven […]

If You Are Not Using Video Interviewing You May Lose Candidates: Here’s Why

by Chris Parker  |  7 January 2021
2020 was a year like no other. The Coronavirus pandemic brought economies to a halt worldwide and disrupted business-as-usual. As a result, many people lost their jobs, and hiring freezes became commonplace. Then we had social unrest. However, there is a silver lining because these events prompted HR's to re-evaluate and in many cases transform […]

Happy With Your Current Skills Testing Supplier But Sometimes Wonder If There's A Better Option Out There For You?

by Chris Parker  |  15 December 2020
The short answer is that there probably is a better alternative! Have they kept pace with software changes? Are they offering MS Office 2016 or still stuck at 2010? Do they keep upping their prices because they think that you won’t notice? Are they charging for training and support? Do they limit the subjects that […]

Does Your Pre-Employment Testing Software Have All The Tools That You Need In Today's Recruiting Market

by Chris Parker  |  29 August 2020
Some pre-employment testing companies do not offer all the tools necessary to create a streamlined approach to finding the best match for the job and the organisation.

Conscious And Unconscious Bias - And How To Avoid It

by Chris Parker  |  29 July 2020
Unconscious bias is very real – and we all possess this to some extent. The need is to recognise the bias we bring both consciously and unconsciously when we review candidates. Anything we can put in place to mitigate such bias will help. Objective skills assessments in which the presentation, explanation, timing, scoring and interpretation […]

KPMG Jamaica Uses Brain Teaser Skills Tests and Pre-Employment Assessments on Social Media to Attract Top Accounting & Financial Talent

by Chris Parker  |  16 June 2020
The Situation When companies face unique challenges, they implement innovative solutions. KPMG Jamaica Extended Support Services (JESS) is a shared-services affiliate of KPMG in Jamaica and a top audit, tax and advisory firm in Jamaica. It needed a way to attract candidates who had the accounting and financial reasoning skills required for some newly created […]

Is coronavirus prevention disrupting hiring practices?

by Warren Bresler  |  14 April 2020
The focus on coronavirus prevention is disrupting hiring practices and work environments at businesses of all sizes and in every industry. The focus on coronavirus prevention is disrupting hiring practices and work environments at businesses of all sizes and in every industry. In the interest of keeping employees healthy and conducting business as usual, online work from […]

Recruitment Outside the Box

by Warren Bresler  |  14 April 2020
Whether you’re continuing to hire full-time staff or need a sudden influx of temporary workers to support outbreak-related response needs, here are a few ways your company can adapt to these changes. https://bit.ly/2WGPVNA The focus on coronavirus prevention is disrupting hiring practices and work environments at businesses of all sizes and in every industry. In the interest […]

Remote Workers Skills Testing

by Warren Bresler  |  6 April 2020
Our Remote Working test measures candidates’ knowledge of different scenarios relevant for companies who hire remote workers or are currently preparing their staff to work from home, considering the current pandemic. Candidates are measured on skills such as Etiquette, Information Security, Organisation and Planning, Company Best Practices, and Team Work/Collaboration. You can also access our […]

Continuous Personal Development Assessment – in the world of Home Working

by Chris Parker  |  30 March 2020
The way we work and the way people work with us is dramatically changed, suddenly what was best practice possibly no longer applies. For regulated businesses amongst these challenges are how to conduct the Annual Appraisals for Personal Development when face to face or a test centre is no longer an option.  eSkill is a […]

Case Study: English Police - Utilising eSkill When Downsizing

by Chris Parker  |  19 March 2020
The ICT manager at an English Police H.Q. urgently needed to use eSkill. He was required to reduce the number of staff in his department. He had identified that a critical element of the process was to accurately identify the skill levels of every member of his team, he was particularly keen to ensure those […]

Planning for the future

by Chris Parker  |  19 March 2020
The current global health crisis is having an impact on economic activity and, for some sectors, the need to review costs has moved to the top of the priority list. And inevitably, labour costs will come under scrutiny. In some cases, it may involve companies making certain positions redundant which creates the dilemma of who […]
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